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Introducing our latest range of asset tags, designed to provide versatile and reliable solutions for all your asset monitoring needs. Our current lineup features four distinct tags, each tailored to cover a wide array of applications, ensuring that no matter the type of asset, we have the perfect tagging solution. Committed to innovation, we continuously advance our tags with the latest technology, keeping us at the forefront of the industry. This allows us to offer state-of-the-art tools for daily asset monitoring, ensuring precision, efficiency, and peace of mind for our clients. Explore our new range and discover how we can help you manage your assets with ease and confidence.

Professional Installation 

Asset Tag Limited offers nationwide installation services starting from £250. This service includes a thorough asset inspection and photography, capturing essential details such as serial and chassis numbers. The exact fee is determined upon client instruction.

In-House Training

For clients preferring to install the tags themselves, Asset Tag Limited provides comprehensive in-house training,

Tag Type 1

Set up fee: £55.00 (one-time charge)

Screenshot 2024-06-18 152743.png

2 Year battery life
(4 year with every 2 day reporting)
L64.5mm W41.5mm H25.5mm

Tag Type 2

Set up fee: £65.00 (one-time charge)

Screenshot 2024-06-18 152753.png

5 Year battery life
L205mm W68mm H27mm
Waterproof IP67 magnetic

Tag Type 3

Set up fee: £65.00 (one-time charge)

Screenshot 2024-06-18 152814.png

4 Year battery life
L81mm W66mm H33mm
Waterproof IP67 magnetic

Tag Type 4

Set up fee: £65.00 (one-time charge)

Screenshot 2024-06-18 152823.png

7 Year battery life
L122mm W82mm H30mm
Waterproof IP67 magnetic

Additional Services

Asset Recovery Support 

In cases where asset recovery is necessary, Asset Tag Limited can configure the tag to increase its reporting frequency, aiding in the timely and accurate location of the asset.
Client-Specific Desktop Application

Each client receives access to a bespoke desktop application tailored to their needs, facilitating the monitoring and management of their financed assets.

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